Stephen Bryant -

I am an Internet of Things, machine-to-machine, telecoms, machine learning, everything 2.0 technologist, CxO, product management and numbers guy. What I am not is a web designer (obvious, right?) though I do consider myself quite good at data visualisation which you can get a sense of with my Visual CV / Résumé...just spending untold hours on a personal website isn't at the top of my list. I have however built the website and all the graphics for my start-up Lolo Company, perhaps to the offence of professional designers everywhere.

Most of my career has been designing and building as-a-Service platforms before platforms were a thing. In 2019, I co-founded Lolo Company to make serverless compute what it always should have been with a group of long collaborators which never cease to amaze and inspire me.

In a previous lives, I was the CTO (and for many years the COO) of Telenor Connexion, CTO of Tele2 IoT and CTO of DigitalRoute (looking after Product Management in the last 2 CTO roles as well).

I have a long track record in IoT helping many of the world’s largest brands transform from products to connected services delivering new user centric experiences. This phase of my career has evolved from this IoT track record to enabling consumption and usage driven business models for the world’s largest brands with DigitalRoute's Usage Data Platform.

As a CxO, I've worked as both a CTO and COO and comfortable working across the entire organisation and with the board setting the strategy for a company. I am very commercial and product focused able to navigate a profit and loss and income statement with ease. Customer facing engagements and public speaking are essential to me. Understanding the nuance of the business and getting neck deep into contractual and commercial matters is an everyday thing. All the dynamics and challenges of building a high growth start-ups in the IoT space has been my life since 2010. And over these years I have helped numerous companies connect and digitalise their products and turn them into services. Developing and growing a great team around me on these journeys is perhaps what I am most proud of.

As a technologist, I am have depth in a broad number of areas:
  • Detailed understanding of the underbelly of the mobile telecoms core network and making a network scale up to tens of millions of connected IoT / M2M devices
  • Designing cloud platforms that scale massively with the requisite architecture, patterns and technologies
  • Coding very big and complicated things
  • Big Data and Streaming Analytics platform for IoT handling throughput and analysis in many gigabytes per hour
  • Digitalising and connecting consumer, commercial and industrial products
  • Maker of gadgets and apps as side projects to explore technology, trends, new ideas and make my life easier and more fun
I consider myself a T-shaped person with passion and drive for solving the really big problems: business, commercial, technical and everything else a start-up has thrown at me.

My professional and personal life has been on a global scale - I've worked in North America and Europe extensively along with customers and travels in Asia. I've called USA, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden home and spent extended periods in the UK and Germany.

You can catch up with me via
Twitter: (admittedly not very active): @stevex8000
Email: steve (AT)