Things I've Done

My Visual CV provide a good timeline of things I've done or been a part of. This page provides links and context to publicly available information.

Tesco Mobile Ireland / Mobile Virtual Network Enabler Platform
I was the Chief Architect in building a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform with a full core network, prepaid and post-paid charging and self service platform. The first MVNO was Tesco Mobile Ireland. The UK MVNO Gifgaff was later launched on this platform.

Telenor Connexion's IoT Connectivity Platform and Connectivity Analytics Platform
In 2009 whilst working for Logica/CGI, I delivered Telenor Connexion's IoT Connectivity Platform. Later whilst working for Telenor Connexion it was sold to Ericsson to become the foundation of their Device Connectivity Platform or sometimes simply referred to as the Ericsson DCP.

Concepted, designed and built Telenor Connexion's real-time connectivity analytics platform (ARTS). Here is the Ericsson Mobility Report talking about its benefits. The platform was originally called "The Mystery Machine" out of my childhood love for Scooby Doo and because the platform was a machine for solving mysteries...a name I still like better.

Tele2 IoT's SD-WAN Platform (2Route / 2Secure)
On foot of Tele2 IoT's acquisition of Kombridge, we built out and launch an end-to-end IoT security product that runs an SD-WAN across any IP connection - cellular, WiFi, fixed line, etc. And from there the ability to aggregate any sort of connectivity from any Mobile Network Operator.

GSMA IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidlines
Working other leading operators, I led Telenor's efforts in driving the IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines. This is something I am very proud of because the adoption of these guidelines within the IoT / M2M ecosystem will allow the industry to reach the billions of devices forecasted. On foot of their release I've done quite a bit of public speaking about these guidelines including Mobile World Congress 2015. A video with input from many of the key players that worked to develop these guidelines including myself can be found here.